Tuesday Treasures

JK Rowling gives an address about the fringe benefit of failure.  Wonderful!

☾ Talk Deeply, Be Happy? from the New York Times definitely puts everything in perspective.

❤ A full-fledged hotel, made of wood & mirrors, is hidden deep within the forests of Norway.  Sounds magical.

☠ Apparently Tesla from the Prestige was real.  And not just real – awesome.

☪ Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author is hilarious, but Lauren Leto is dead on (I actually can name at least two Miyazaki films).

☄ Janis Joplin singing Ball & Chain at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 .  One of the best live performances ever recorded. . .even the crowd doesn’t know what to do with her genius.

☮ Check out the detailed ribbing on these shoes! I know I’m in love!




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2 responses to “Tuesday Treasures

  1. That Janis recording is my all time favorite, it makes me so happy that others appreciate too!

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