To Thyself Be True

Valentine’s Day is over, but the chocolate still coats our teeth.  What happened yesterday that made you so happy? Well, if you’re in a good relationship, then it was probably your partner’s obligatory gesture.  Flowers.  Cards.  Candy.  Sex.  Whatever.  But did it last through the night? That’s the harder question to answer.

I believe that every person seeking love needs to start with themselves first.  Real love means loving yourself.  Taking the time & energy to boost your confidence, ripen your experience, & accept your reality is what attracts other people to you.  Have you ever noticed that the most interesting people don’t care what you think of them? They are deeply interested in their own lives, & as a result, so are you.

Living with intrinsic joy is like an invisible love magnet.  People cannot resist the allure of your positive identity – they see your inner peace & long to share in it.  And best of all, it quickly becomes contagious! So, this February 15, I urge all of you to strive towards a radical priority of self-acceptance.  By truly delighting in yourself, this life will become an adventure worth having.



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